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As we know families are complicated.

We can love each other dearly and at the same time drive each other mad. Add addiction into the mix and you’ve got chaos, exhaustion and confusion.

Sometimes we just need some extra help and this is where I come in. When families are struggling with addiction seeing a therapist who really understands helps both the family and the person using drugs or alcohol.

So what is family therapy? Family therapy is a type of psychological counselling (psychotherapy) that helps family members improve our relationships.

I work with more than one family member in the room, but individual sessions are also very common. I will tailor sessions to best suit your family.

Struggling with Addiction?

Someone you love needs help:

You can't bear watching what addiction is doing to your family.
You don’t know how to manage the disruption to daily life.
You are walking on egg shells.
You're not coping.

I need help:

You want to stop using but you don’t know how.
You feel stuck and overwhelmed by the thought of stopping.
You want to do things differently.
You don't know where to get help that actually works.

So why should you see me and not a psychologist?

Psychologists work with individuals. Family therapists work with everyone as a connected unit. Family members are influenced by each other. Tensions rise and the way we relate to each other break down. We feel stuck. My job is to work out how and why things have broken down and how they can be changed for the better.

Evidence tells us that family therapy is considered extremely effective in the treatment of addiction.

So family therapy works.

About Me

Tracey Alder Family Therapist

For fifteen years I have been working with families who have been affected by addiction. I work with both families and the user, both together and separately.

Master of Family Therapy (M Soc sci) - Swinburne University
Master of Heath Education and Health Promotion (MSc) - Edinburgh University
Bachelor of Science Psychology (BSc) Hon - Strathclyde University, Glasgow.
Cert IV in Alcohol and other Drugs – Odyssey House

I am an associate member of the Association of Australian Family Therapy (AAFT)

  • Swinburne
  • University of Edinburgh
  • Strathclyde University
  • Odyssey House
  • Australian Association of Family Therapy

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